Eva den Hartog

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  • 176 Length
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Eva wears the Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx

Eva den Hartog is a passionate hockey player who has played in the Netherlands at a high level for many years. As part of the SV Kampong youth team, Eva played in all of the teams and, as a captain with Huizen, she was recently promoted to the Premier League. For competitions and training sessions, Eva uses the Push Sports Kicx Ankle Brace: “For me, it’s important that I can move freely.”

620 Energy
220 Power
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What prompted you to use the Kicx Ankle Brace?

“During a training session a few years ago, I tore my ankle ligaments. I looked for a very comfortable ankle brace which would easily fit inside my hockey shoe. Hockey is a game which requires you to twist and turn quickly, therefore support for my ankles is extremely important.”

What is important for you when using the brace?

“It’s important that a brace can easily be pulled on, that it provides the correct support and gives me the freedom to continue to move around fully. The Kicx Ankle Brace fits around my ankle perfectly and offers the support that I need, during competitions and also training sessions, which can sometimes last for more than two hours.”

When do you use the brace?

“Initially I used the Kicx Ankle Brace to recover from an ankle injury and I now use it during all competitions and training sessions. I wanted to make sure that, even after my recovery, I could still retain that feeling of confidence that I had whilst playing. That’s why I now also use the braces as a preventative measure.”

How has the Kicx Ankle Brace helped you in your sport?

“Hockey is an intensive sport. By using the Kicx Ankle Brace, I can focus fully on the game. I can move freely, twist and turn in small spaces without worrying about whether my ankles are sufficiently supported.”

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