Privacy Statement

This privacy statement explains how we process your personal data. In it we explain the exact personal data we collate, and what we use it for. Moreover, we explain how you can access, amend or delete your personal data. We deem it vital you are properly informed about this, and we advise you to read this privacy statement through to the end.


We provide services or functionalities to visitors via our websites. In doing so, we process privacy-sensitive information, also known as personal data. In some cases, in carrying out our service provision, we work in conjunction with other organisations or businesses.
We process and secure personal data with great care. In doing so, we comply with privacy legislation stipulations. This means for instance that we:

  • Clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do so at the time of requesting your personal data, and via this privacy statement;
  • In any instances that require your consent, we ask your explicit consent to process your personal data in advance;
  • We restrict the collation of personal data to data needed for the purposes for which it is processed only. Should we ask for more than is necessary, we will only do so with your explicit consent. In any case, we will clearly explain the purpose for which we are requesting the additional data;
  • We will not pass on your personal data to third parties, unless we are required to do so in order to provide the requested service, unless we are legally obliged to do so, or unless we need a third party to follow up on your inquiry;
  • Whenever we share your personal data, via contracts reached with third parties, we will ensure among other things that it is not used for any other purposes;
  • We will take appropriate security measures to safeguard your personal data and will also demand the same from any party processing personal data on our behalf.

Personal data use

Personal data

Once you have visited our websites we can process the following personal data, depending on the selected service or functionality:

  • Prefix
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Post Code
  • Place of residence
  • Country
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • IBAN
  • Company name
  • Function
  • User name
  • Login details
  • Profile Photo
  • CV
  • IP address
  • Information you have entered in an open field
  • Data concerning website use

We do not collate or use any information for any purposes other than those outlined in this privacy statement. To that end, the data is saved on servers located in the Netherlands.
We process the abovementioned data for one or more of the following purposes (this depends in part which services or functionalities you use):

  • To answer your queries.
  • To enable you to use our websites and the functionalities on it.
  • To track your website usage.
  • To secure our websites and prevent unauthorized access.
  • To enable you to order products via our web shop.
  • To process your order and to inform you of its status.
  • To process your open application.
  • To handle and process your complaint about a product or your response to a complaint.
  • To contact you with regard to your complaint because we wish to investigate it further, or wish to publish details about it (anonymously).
  • To contact you about how you view your experience with us.
  • To contact you to follow up on your event participation.
  • To connect you to a third party to follow up on your inquiry.
  • To connect you to a third party to follow up on your event participation.
  • To contact you asking for your help in promotional matters.
  • To communicate with you either by e-newsletters and/or post.
  • To send you personalised newsletters based on your particular interests.
  • To process your data for potential participation in offers, so we can reach you should you win anything.
  • To enable you to participate in events we have organised.
  • To improve our websites.

Third parties

We pass on the personal data you have provided to third parties if needed to complete your product or service(s) order, and to answer your queries. As such we deploy a third party to process our web shop payments, and we pass on your data to the mail provider to deliver your order. In some instances your personal data may be shared internally. Our employees process your personal data confidentially.

When we pass on your personal data to a third party, among other things (by means of a contract) we ensure your data isn’t used for any other purpose. This contract also stipulates that your personal data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required.

We will not pass on the personal data you have provided to any other third parties, unless we are legally obliged to do so. It may be possible, for example, that the police request data from us in relation to a fraud investigation. In such an instance we are legally obliged to hand over your personal data.


We use cookies when collating your personal data. Would you like to know more about cookies? If so, please read our cookie policy.


We have taken all the necessary technical and organisational measures to safeguard personal data against unauthorised or unlawful processing, unintentional loss, destruction, damage, amendment or publication. These measures ensure we have an appropriate security level in place.

Retention Period

We save your personal data only for as long as is necessary. If you have asked us to get in touch with you, we will save your personal data until such a time you have indicated you no longer wish to utilise our services, unless you explicitly state in writing that the data may be retained for longer.
If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we save your personal data until such a time you unsubscribe from it. The option to unsubscribe from our newsletters is at the bottom of each one sent out. To re-subscribe you will need to provide us with your personal data again.


You are entitled to access the personal data we have from you. You can then (also) indicate whether you wish to correct, amend or delete the data.
The processing of your personal data is in some cases based on your consent. As such you are at all times entitled to withdraw your consent.

Access, correction, amendment or deletion of your personal data

You can submit your request to access, correct, amend and/or delete your personal data via the contact details below. Should you submit such a request, we ensure it is processed within four weeks. We will inform you if we do not manage to finalise your request within this timeframe.
If you have an account with us, you can login to access and/or amend your personal data.


To prevent misuse, we kindly ask that upon a written request you identify yourself, by enclosing a copy of a valid form of ID. Do not forget to blackout your personal identifier and your passport photo on the copy you send in. Similarly, when you submit your request over the phone, on the basis of the data we have on file about you, we will need to identify you before we can process your request.


We do our utmost to protect your privacy and to ensure we comply with applicable legislation and regulation. Should you nonetheless believe we have incorrectly processed your personal data, in accordance with privacy legislation, as the client you are entitled to submit a complaint to the privacy ombudsman. Such a complaint can be submitted to the Data Protection Authority.

Queries, feedback and contact details

Should you have any queries about this privacy statement or wish to leave feedback about it, please contact our Privacy Officer (PO):

Robbert Meijs
Europalaan 31
6199 AB Maastricht-Airport

For general queries please contact Nea International bv:
Nea International bv
Europalaan 31
6199 AB Maastricht-Airport

Amendments to our privacy statement

We may amend this privacy statement form time to time. We advise you to consult it regularly.

Effective date

This (updated) privacy statement came into effect on 29 January 2021.

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