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Levi Weidmann

  • Age
  • 182 Length
  • 70 Weight
  • 2000 Born in

Levi wears the Push Sports Enkelbrace 8

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Levi Weidmann is a talented and enthusiastic BMXer who, at a young age, flies around the world to take part in international freestyle BMX competitions. He is currently in training at Area 51 in Eindhoven, for a competition in Estonia. He says, with a big smile, that his specialism is ‘going around in circles’. He enjoys the adrenaline and freedom that the sport gives him.

620 Energy
220 Power
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933RPTS Activity
00:25:03 Duration
What does BMX mean to you?

“I have BMXed since I was 10. I started with my brother at a small skatepark and constantly tried out new tricks. Back then I was scared to use a small ramp. The challenge is to keep on pushing yourself. Now I want to try new things during competitions and having confidence is a very important aspect of that.”

BMX riding is a sport in which a lot of injuries occur. Are you talking about injuries with other sportspeople?

“Yes, every BMXer gets injured. Then you talk about those injuries during competitions and when you are training. Where necessary, you support one another and you give advice. Now, for example, I regularly train with weights as this helps me to stand more firmly on the bike.”

What injuries have you suffered over the past years?

“In recent years I’ve dislocated my shoulders several times, suffered a number of concussions, fractured my hand and fractured my ankles three to four times. Ankles are extremely important for the balance and for distribution of the stresses that my body endures when I’m riding.”

What is important to you when using the brace?

“For me, it is important that the brace fits nicely in my shoe and provides good support. I wear the Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 on both ankles when I am training and during competitions. It gives me a sense of freedom and confidence.”

How has the Ankle Brace 8 helped you in your sporting activities?

“BMX is a very intensive sport. When I use the Push Sports Ankle Brace 8, I can focus fully on the action. I can move freely, without worrying whether my ankles are being properly supported.”

BMX Freestyle Speciality
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