Marco van Basten states: “The Drake Football Study is important for the industry"

The Drake Football Study is conducted by FIFPRO. With the help of phd students from the university of Pretoria in South Africa the collected data will be analysed to gain insights in regards to joint pain and mental health.
Today marks the third year of a 10 year study to yield new insights into various health domains of footballers. By tracking the health of 170 male and female professional footballers in a time span of 10 years. This long-lasting project is important according to  van Basten. “It can also contribute to the prevention of health problems among active and retired players.” 

The study will contribute scientific evidence which is needed to manage and treat potential health problems among football players. Van Basten played his final game at the age of 28, he was forced into early retirement due to a severe ankle injury. Van Basten claims that nowadays there is more attention on injury prevention compared to when he played football. Also now there is more evidence on how to do prevention right. 

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