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Fleur Hoek

  • Age
  • 168Length
  • 67Weight
  • 1996Born in

Fleur wears the Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx

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Fleur Hoek was only five years old when she started playing Korfball. At ASVD in Dronten she quickly made a name for herself with her quality play. Fleur played in the first team where she also stood out because of her shooting power. A highlight was her decisive goal in the very last second of the promotion match to the National League. Fleur is a real winner, a go-getter, who wants to get the most out of her sports career and that makes her a top athlete par excellence.

620 Energy
220 Power
933RPTS Activity
00:25:03 Duration
What characterises you as an athlete?

“I am always really driven, I really want to win. I prefer to be successful together with a team and in Korfball teamwork is very important. I have built up many friendships within the team.”

How do you ensure you have a good lifestyle?

“If I train a lot, it is important for me to sleep well, eat well and listen to my body. In fact, everything is about getting the best out of yourself.”

What do you like so much about Korfball?

“What makes Korfball so special is that it is a super versatile sport. All the actions are at the cutting edge and that mainly lies in the interplay. You have to be extremely attuned to each other, because it all happens very quickly and there is no time for extensive consultation.”

How do the braces help you?

“I use the Push Sports braces for extra support. I wear the Kicx ankle brace as standard on both feet for prevention because we jump, twist and turn a lot. Korfball moves very quickly. I train and play regularly and I want to provide that extra support to prevent overload. I sometimes wear the patella brace or thumb brace if I notice that my knee or hand needs that support. ”

How have the wrist braces helped in your sporting exercises?

“I am 24 now and that is quite an age in gymnastics. Moreover, the disciplines I am good at, the vault and floor, make intensive demands on your body. I have used the Wrist and Ankle Braces 8 for 2-3 years to reduce that impact. I have been entering more competitions and that in turn has meant increased physical demands. This way, I stay on top of injuries and we can cope with increased peak demands.”

Specialty Korfball
Achievements World Champion 2019
World Games 2021
European champion 2018/2021
Dutch indoor champion 2019/2022
World Games Athlete April 2019
Korfball Player of the Year 2019

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