2023 important year for Drake Football Study

After the World Cup finals on December the 18th many European-based players in countries such as England, Spain and France went back to a busy schedule without the typical recovery period after an international tournament. Data from this period is highly anticipated by the Drake Football Study.

The Drake Football Study started in 2019 and is tracking the wellbeing of around 170 men’s and women’s footballers. In this 10-year study the tracking starts during the playing career and will eventually transition through to retirement. This year it is expected that new insights are gained due to the fact that we saw players returning to training at their club just days after the World Cup. 

Research groups are monitoring the occurrence of injury especially since the Drake study now can compare this season with a winter World Cup. In the last decade the pressure on players has increased from supporters and media with social media. The lack of mental recovery time after the World Cup is alarming according to Prof Dr Vincent Gouttebarge. 

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