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Cheryl Seinen

  • Age
  • 166 Length
  • 63 Weight
  • 1995 Born in

Cheryl wears the Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx

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Cheryl Seinen comes from a true high-level sporting family. Both parents played badminton at a high level. Cheryl also lives for the sport, trains 5–6 days every week and is a world-class player. She is currently preparing for the Olympic Games and she makes sure that her body receives the proper support during intensive training days.

620 Energy
220 Power
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933RPTS Activity
00:25:03 Duration
What drew you to the sport of badminton?

“The funny thing is that I actually started with gymnastics and was part of the national selection. I chose badminton because of the speed, power and passion with which you fly across the court.”

What are you focussing on now?

“Over recent years, I have participated in quite a few international tournaments. My focus is now on next year’s Olympic Games. And then, of course, the Games in Paris too. These are the best years of my career and I want to get the most out of them. That’s why I now train twice a day, 5–6 days a week. On the court, plus strength training.”

Do you get injured playing badminton?

“Badminton is an explosive sport, which involves speed, reaction and power and an injury therefore has a huge impact. It affects you both physically and mentally. At the time it happens, you are fit and then you suddenly have to start all over again. I strained my ankle and that affected me, not only physically, but mentally too.”

How do you recover from an injury?

“As a top athlete, you have to take good care of your body. A physio supports you with exercises and, of course, you can tape muscles and joints, but a brace also always provides the correct preventative support. That’s why I now use a brace for both ankles. That gives me confidence and the freedom to give it my all.”

How important is a good recovery for you?

“A good recovery means not only from a physical point of view, but also a mental point of view. That’s because the physical recovery is a bridging period, you get a knock mentally and then you have to recover from that too. The brace definitely helps my recovery.”

Badminton Speciality
Dutch Champion
European Champion
Winner international tournaments Romania/Slovenia

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