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Elze Geurts

  • Age
  • 165 Length
  • 58 Weight
  • 1995 Born in

Elze wears the Push Sports Wrist Brace and Ankle Brace 8

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Elze Geurts is a committed gymnast and has been involved in the sport at a high level since the age of nine. In spite of her innate talent, Elze is a bit of a late bloomer. Last year she took part in the selection process for the Dutch teams competing in the European and World Championships. Elze has always taken good care of her body during her intensive training programme.

620 Energy
220 Power
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933RPTS Activity
00:25:03 Duration
What makes gymnastics special for you?

“What I think is really great about gymnastics is that there is no limit. If you think that everything is possible, you can learn a new twist, salto or landing. That makes everything new and exciting. There are always new goals that you can reach.”

What does your training programme consist of now?

“I am now reaching a level of competition fitness. This means I can apply everything that I do in training when participating in competitions. If you want to be really good, then you have to repeat an exercise 300 times and then replicate that exactly in the competition. We are now really focusing on the execution of the routines during training.”

How often do you train now?

“I train five to six times a week. I have been doing this for years now, so I have got used to a great deal being demanded of my body. Gymnastics is all about constant repetition. So it is really important to ensure your body is well taken care of and supported.”

What braces do you use during training?

“During training I wear the Wrist Brace for the vault and beam work and the Ankle Brace 8 for the vaulting equipment. The braces provide extra support and prevent injuries. I think it is really important that the braces fit comfortably and absorb the impact on my body.”

How have the wrist braces helped in your sporting exercises?

“I am 24 now and that is quite an age in gymnastics. Moreover, the disciplines I am good at, the vault and floor, make intensive demands on your body. I have used the Wrist and Ankle Braces 8 for 2-3 years to reduce that impact. I have been entering more competitions and that in turn has meant increased physical demands. This way, I stay on top of injuries and we can cope with increased peak demands.”

Gymnastics Specialty
3rd in vault NC 2018 Achievements

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