The Drake Football Study

The Drake Football Study is the most comprehensive study to-date to measure the mental and physical health of professional footballers over time and was officially launched at a dedicated symposium in London in October 2019.

Push Sports braces have scientific research high on its list of priorities. Therefore it developed collaborations with state-of-the-art institutions and foundations, such as The Drake Foundation, FIFPro and the Amsterdam University Hospital Centers.

The Drake Foundation

The Drake Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to understanding and improving the health and welfare of sports players through scientific research and collaboration. Launched in 2014, the Foundation has already invested over £2 million into research funding and open access resources.
Much of the Foundation’s work to date has centered on concussion and head injuries in sport; knowledge that will serve not only to improve sports safety but also provide valuable insight into the processes underlying neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia.
At present, The Drake Foundation is funding several ongoing studies across football and rugby, working with teams in the football Premier League; Premiership and Championship rugby union leagues; and leading researchers across the UK and beyond.

The Drake Football Study

With multiple ground-breaking concussion projects underway, the Foundation is also growing their portfolio of research funding to investigate the long-term effects of playing and retiring from professional sport on mental and physical health, with the Drake Football Study being the first project in this area. Push Sports has invested in a long term relationship with the study and the investigators, which enables them to gather scientific information. It creates possibilities for further research, development and/or improvement of their products.

The study has been part-funded by a number of collaborators in addition to founding funder The Drake Foundation, and will involve partners from across Europe, including the World Players’ Union (FIFPRO), Amsterdam University Medical Centers (both the Netherlands) and Mehiläinen NEO Hospital (Finland).

Research Team

The research team is led by Vincent Gouttebarge (Chief Medical Officer at FIFPRO) and Gino Kerkhoffs (Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Amsterdam University Medical Centers). Researchers will gather epidemiological data on musculoskeletal, neurocognitive, cardiovascular and mental health trends of professional footballers over their pre- and post-retirement years, with data collection anticipated to run for a minimum of 10 years.

New insights

It is hoped that this longitudinal study – the first of its kind – will provide new insights into players’ health across their careers and into retirement. This information could ultimately enable health professionals to develop preventative and curative measures for future generations of players, as well as wider society.

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2023 important year for Drake Football Study
Jan 19, 2023

2023 important year for Drake Football Study

This year is set to yield new insights on the examinations and sub-studies that have been executed so far.
Marco van Basten states: “The Drake Football Study is important for the industry"
Oct 14, 2022

Marco van Basten states: “The Drake Football Study is important for the industry"

Current stage of Drake Football Study
Aug 02, 2022

Current stage of Drake Football Study

"Mental recovery is underestimated in football"

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