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Wrist excercises

Do these exercises gently and in a controlled way and remember, pain is a sign to stop. Please read the instructions fully!

Stretching wrist extensors and wrist flexors
2-3x, 8-15 sec.

Stretch out your arm so it extends in front of you with the palm facing down and with your fingers pointing down. Using your other hand grasp the back of your hand and then bend your wrist downwards a little more, until you feel tension in the outside of your forearm.


Hold this position and count for between 8 to 15. Repeat this two or three times.

Now do the same exercise for the wrist flexors but this time with your palm facing up (your hand and fingers pointing down); you will now feel the stretch on the inside of your forearm.

Strengthening hand grip
2-3X, 10-20

Grip and squeeze an old and slightly soft ball in the palm of your hand.


Repeat this exercise 2-3 times.

Strengthening wrist extensors and wrist
2-3X 10-20

For this exercise use a light weight (maximum of 0.5 kg). Support your forearm on your knee with your elbow slightly bent, with your palm facing downwards. Initially it is fine just to make use of your wrist joint to hold the position (for 10-20 seconds) without moving your wrist. You can then try moving your wrist from the mid position with an upward and downward action.


Carry out 10-20 movements and repeat this exercise 2-3 times.

Repeat the exercise for the wrist flexors, this time with your palm facing up.

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